This is how the five-year-old girl, Siham Yasser Mansour, was known, whose painful image spread on social media, carrying with her many moans of sadness and suffering. She won the sympathy of the people and their hearts were taken away by the tragic situation of displacement.

Siham was living in Al-Khair camp in Marib governorate, and as the security situation in the camp became increasingly dangerous, Siham was forced to flee with her family to Alsuwaida’a camp.

A real tragedy

This is the case for the displaced who live in displacement camps, waking up to the sounds of thunder, thunderbolts, and rain, as the reality is harsher and tougher for every young and old, especially those who were displaced from areas that were safe and their homes protected them from coldness and heat.

The tragedy of the child Siham and her family is just a drop in the sea of ​​suffering that increases as the morning shines and the evening falls. Siham is an orphan girl whose father was killed four years ago. She has one sister and they both live with their mother and their elderly grandfather.

Humanity messengers extend a helping hand to the child Siham

From a humanitarian standpoint, the field team of the safe space for women and girls, related to HUMAN ACCESS and funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was able to reach Alsuwaida’a camp in the city of Marib.

The family was visited and referred by the field team to the safe space for women and girls, where Siham, her mother and sister were received by the work team in the safe space for women and girls in Marib (Al Rawda and Al Mil) camps.

All necessary services were provided to the mother. As for the child Siham, she was hosted in the Child Friendly Space where she spent a fun time filled with joy and smile, and all kinds of psychological support were provided to her.

A moment of joy and happiness

The smile that was absent from the child Siham returned. Siham's happiness was not normal or immediate, as her happiness began to renew day after day, as she found a decent life, tranquility and a stable living.