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After suspension for years, Al-Khusaif Health Center contributes to raising the level of health service provision to inhabitants of the region after its rehabilitation

UNICEF healthcare Yemen Marib HUMAN ACCESS

The development of the situation in Yemen has cast a dark shadow over the health situation, which has witnessed a noteworthy deterioration during the last ten years, whether in terms of epidemics and a high death rate or in terms of lack of medical capabilities, shortage of supplies and the inability to bear operational costs.

All these contributed to reducing the number of health facilities that still provide health services to citizens by 51%, while the rest of the health facilities, including Al-Khusaif Health Center in Marib governorate stopped performing their national role in serving and treating disadvantaged patients, especially in rural and remote areas.

Operational suspension of Al-Khusaief Health Center

The village of Al-Khusaif is one of the villages in Al-Ashraf sub-district of Marib city district, whose population, according to the 2004 census, is 422. The health center has been suspended from working in providing treatment and health services due to the lack of medical tools and equipment, the decline in allocations and operating expenses, and unavailability of the necessary medical staff, in addition to the need of some of the center's facilities to comprehensive maintenance.

This stoppage has doubled the suffering of many people in the region, especially women and children, who face much difficulties if they go to health centers and hospitals far from them, as a result of their modest living and economic conditions.

Rapid and productive response by HUMAN ACCESS and UNICEF

Repeated calls raised by the people of the region demanding the necessity of reopening and operating the health center in order to contribute to alleviating their suffering and meeting the health needs of their patients from the region's residents and displaced people.

In August 2019, the rehabilitation and operation of Al-Khusaif Health Center was approved as part of the Integrated Response Project, implemented by HUMAN ACCESS with funding from UNICEF, as part of the rapid and emergency response to the calls raised by the residents of the region.

Center rehabilitation and raising preparedness

Through the project, the center was prepared, the toilets were restored, the sewage network was maintained, clean water tanks were provided, the basic medicines, supplies and necessary medical devices were provided, and the center was provided with what was necessary to receive many sick cases, especially children and women in Al-Khusaif region and the surrounding areas. The project also rehabilitated and trained the health staff and center workers in the fields of child health, malnutrition treatment, immunization, pregnant women care and reproductive health.

In addition, free medicines were delivered, health awareness and education activities were carried out through home visits, community education sessions were held, and brochures and literature were disseminated containing basic health messages that contribute to upgrading health development and raising awareness among parents of various health issues.

Improving the level of healthcare in the region

Many residents in Al-Khusaif area touched a remarkable improvement in the level of health service provision that occurred after the rehabilitation and operation of their health center, as the center has become a good model in improving the provision of services to patients, while the performance of the center’s employees has become characterized by enthusiasm, effectiveness, activity and constant perseverance.

As for the people of the region, they expressed their joy and overwhelming happiness after the return of their only health center to service after a hiatus that lasted for several years. They also expressed, with sincere feelings, their thanks and appreciation for the efforts of HUMAN ACCESS, the implementing partner of the project, and the efforts of UNICEF the partner organization, which funded the project.

UNICEF healthcare Yemen Marib HUMAN ACCESS

UNICEF healthcare Yemen Marib HUMAN ACCESS

UNICEF healthcare Yemen Marib HUMAN ACCESS



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