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The Child Hanadi …The pain that turned into hope

Success Story: The Child Hanadi …The pain that turned into hope UNICEF Yemen HUMAN ACCESS

Success Story

Under the unfavorable conditions in our country, many children suffer from pain. Their lives are not without suffering. The younger the child is, the more stressful the situation is for him or her, especially in the case of losing the mother, which is actually associated with the child.

The story of the child Hanadi Mahmoud Al-Rasai is unique, who suffered psychological torment and emotional deprivation due to the death of her mother while she was still a breastfeeding child below her second year. Then suffered a severe malnutrition with effects that began to appear on her exhausted little body.

Tragedy of the child Hanadi

The pain began to distress Hanadi's family members since their displacement from Hajjah governorate to escape the war there. They then settled in Al-Jufaina camp in Marib governorate, which many IDPs consider a safe haven. The displacement alone was a burden on the family’s neck with many other burdens, such as fear of the unknown fate, poverty, unemployed family guardian, and the incurable illness of mother.

However, the great calamity that broke the family’s back was the death of the mother days after displacement due to her illness, leaving behind a little girl of one year and a half of age, crying for maternity and milk.

The death of the mother caused a great void in Hanadi's life. She became anxious, crying constantly, complaining of hunger, lack of the mother's warmth, until weakness began to penetrate her weak body. She began to lose her appetite for food. The atrophy invaded her extremities.

The uncle noticed the declining health of his niece with her face getting paler. So, he had no alternative but to carry her to Martyr Muhammad Hayel Hospital

Swift intervention

At the hospital, a medical team of HUMAN ACCESS-undertaken integrated malnutrition treatment program with support and funding from UNICEF, admitted the case and conducted the physical treatment for Hanadi. Initial examinations showed that Hanadi suffers from severe acute malnutrition revealed by her lightweight, which could hardly reach 5.7 kg. The arm scale that indicated red color with a size of 10, signifies the stage of severity.

Hanadi is recovering

The medical team did their best vigorously to make Hanadi undergo a balanced diet program with constant three-month observation of her condition. Hanadi passed the danger stage, recovered completely from malnutrition, her mental state became stable. We could see how excited she was by the liveliness in her face and the innocent smile she began to show those around her. "Thanks to the medical team, HUMAN ACCESS organization and UNICEF".

"Thanks to you all. We could see how excited Hanadi is by the vitality in her face".  

In these words, her uncle expressed thanks. He embraced his niece Hanadi and returned to the camp with joy in his heart. Hanadi's hand waved farewell to the medical team that stood at the door of the hospital to say goodbye to her.


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