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Protection and shelter

Yemen is currently experiencing one of largest protection-related crisis in the world where civilians have been at risk from multiple violence and security incidents for four years.
The extended and renewed displacement has created harsh and painful conditions for tens of thousands of displaced people in camps and shelter centers. Displacement’s negative impact has extended to the host communities who overburden with living hardships. Additionally, displacement causes depleting the economic and social resources. Furthermore, displacement force affected communities to resort to harmful alternatives, such as child labor, child trafficking, and early marriage, besides grave abuses against children, orphans, and against persons with special needs, in addition to gender-based violence.

International statistics indicate that millions of people in Yemen urgently need interventions to protect their safety, dignity and fundamental rights. In this context, HUMAN ACCESS works hard with its partners to implement protection and shelter programs and services, distribute non-food items, provide the necessary aid and social welfare, and offer monthly and periodic subsidies to the most vulnerable categories amongst displaced people and host communities. HUMAN ACCESS, in addition, performs activities that contribute to ensuring their access to their basic rights and protect them psychologically, socially and materially.


Headquarters: Hadramout - Yemen | Tel +967 5 405780
Public Administration: Aden - Yemen | Tel +967 739955011
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