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This is how an IDP woman was able to meet her inaccessible need through HUMAN ACCESS and YHF's support

This is how an IDP woman was able to meet her inaccessible need through HUMAN ACCESS and YHF's support

A narration-worthy success story that comes as part of many success stories reflecting the significant and unique efforts exerted by HUMAN ACCESS in several areas with a view to alleviating the suffering of people wherever located.

It is a success story of “A.A.”, 35 IDP woman, who used to live from day to day with her husband and mother in Al Hudaydah Governorate. However, the increasing family problems had troubled her life to a point that divorce had become inevitable.   

It was a cruel shock to her as she found herself without a breadwinner and felt that she is face to face with harsh reality. This feeling was worsened by the difficult economic conditions due to the ongoing conflict in the country. Her suffering deepened by the day and over time she felt post-traumatic depression that was associated with tension and stress, sleep deprivation, negative thinking, and despair.

Seeking to run away from such a painful reality, “A.A.” decided to relocate to a new world in which she could forget her pain and agony. She settled in the city of Al-Shaher in Hadhramaut Governorate, in quest of a glimmer of hope to fix her exhausted soul.

When “A.A” came to this area she had no idea that the support she really needed was there for her. The humanitarian project, implemented by HUMAN ACCESS and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) was targeting such conflict-affected people. The project, titled the “Integrated Provision of Minimum WASH, Health and Protection Services Package for the Most Vulnerable IDPs” in Hadramawt and Shabwa Governorates, has extended lifeline support to beneficiaries at such trying times.

The project assessment team paid a field visit to one of the areas of Al-Shahr city to carry out a field survey using a robust form. The team came across "A.A." and identified her need for intensive psychological support.

It was only a few days before the community center in Al-Shahr admitted her and referred her to a psychologist who immediately provided her with the necessary mental support, to get her out of depression and mental suffering.

After some psychosocial support sessions, careful follow-up, and medications offered to her, “A. A.” mental condition improved and progressively restored her mental well-being, enjoying her normal comfortable life. She even started to write poetry again, which was her forgotten hoppy.

At the end of the psychological support sessions, “A.A.” voiced her condition in brief, though implying a lot, saying, "I accessed what I actually need,". She did not forget to express her thanks to HUMAN ACCESS and YHF for their support.


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