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Yasmin and her agony with displacement

Yasmin and her agony with displacement

When the conflict erupted eight years ago, its implications reached Bajel district, Hodeidah governorate, where  Yasmin,  35 years old,  with her husband  Ahmed,  39, with their children had to flee away to Al-Shahr district considered a safe place for residence.

Agony and difficult conditions

Al-Khazan IDP Camp in Al-Shahr district of Hadramawt Al-Sahel was their shelter with a large group of IDPs.

Yasmin says that displacement affected her life like all other displaced people in Al-Khazan Camp and turned their lives upside down the moment they opted for displacement to survive the imminent danger. They had to leave everything behind, lost everything they once possessed, and then found themselves in small tents that barely accommodate their family members.

In addition, she felt that they have added extra pressure on the host communities who already face difficult circumstances. Host communities had to share with them their water resources and basic services such as health and education.

Yasmin recounts that what she suffered most in the Al-Khazan Camp was the scarcity of water that is very hard to access. She used to send her three children (the eldest one is 14 years old), to fetch water from very long distances.

She also suffered from poor hygiene in the Camp due to ignorance and lack of awareness among the IDPs of hygiene importance. This inflicted the spread of diseases and worsened the health condition within the Camp, a situation that put Yasmine and her small children vulnerable to many diseases.

The Integrated Provision Project alleviates the Suffering

In February 2022, HUMAN ACCESS, in partnership with Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF), intervened through the “Integrated Provision of Minimum WASH and Protection Package for the Most Vulnerable IDPs”.

This project acted as a glimmer of hope for the IDPs in Al-Shahr district through its integrated services. The project sought to address many environmental sanitation issues faced by the IDPs in the camp such as the provision of drinkable water and building latrines, and community sensitization on the basic life-saving messages through a network of volunteers. This is in addition to distributing basic hygiene kits to IDPs.

The Project also aimed at providing basic health services through Al-Shahr Public Hospital, Al-Mansourah Health Unit, and Mobile Medical Team. It also ensured raising community awareness through the dissemination of basic health messages among IDP communities by the volunteers’ network.

IDPs Yemen

Moments of joy and happiness overwhelm everyone

Such diversified activities have made Yasmin an active member in the Camp, where she strived with her husband to push IDPs to receive community awareness, participate in weekly public hygiene campaigns, and participate in the distribution of basic hygiene kits by project workers. She also encouraged IDPs to receive basic health services in the health facilities supported by the project.

HUMAN ACCESS intervention has played a role in empowering women and enhancing their leadership role in the community.

Yasmine says,  "She is happy that she as an IDP has helped in easing the burden shouldered by the host community thanks to this project. She is proud to have become an active member involved in building a decent life for IDPs in her camp and upgrading its services in terms of cleanliness and community awareness. She also says that the diseases have decreased significantly in the camp, thanks to the project and those who stand behind it.

Particular thanks to HUMAN ACCESS and the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) for their support which protect our dignity.


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