The success of any humanitarian project can only be measured by the real change it brings about in the lives of vulnerable populations.

This fully applies to the emergency health and nutrition response project for conflict-affected communities, which is run by HUMAN ACCESS in Mawza’ and Al-Wazieyyah districts in Taiz Governorate, with funding from the Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

The project played a vital role in restoring access to basic health care services and expanding health coverage in the targeted areas, which are remote and severely affected by the protracted conflict in the country.

These areas are also deprived of the most basic health care services, malnutrition is widespread, and many residents are in urgent need of health assistance.

A quick solution for those affected

Vulnerable people living in these remote areas often travel long distances to access basic health care if they can afford it. If they are unable to do so, they are forced to stay at home to face their fate due to the difficult circumstances imposed by the ongoing crisis in Yemen, and at a time when the health system is on the verge of collapse.

To ensure that these vulnerable people have access to basic, free, high-quality healthcare, the Emergency Health and Nutrition Response Project is a quick solution for the growing number of groups severely affected by the conflict and will help save many lives.

The project provides minimum health services, reproductive health services, malnutrition treatment, and basic health services, through qualified medical staff in five health facilities, in addition to two mobile teams that access hard-to-reach areas in the two targeted districts.

Tangible positive impact

The project's services extend to transportation and referral for critical and emergency cases. Among the beneficiaries of these services were Sarah Ali, a seven-month-old girl from Mawza’ district, and Khadija Mohammad, who is not even a year old from Al-Wazeiyyah district.

The two girls, who were suffering from severe acute malnutrition, were transferred and referred to a private and specialized hospital in Taiz city and were treated until they were out of risk.

As a result, both girls returned home in good health, bringing delight to their families, who had before been unable to treat and save them.

Those children, Sarah and Khadija, are just two examples of what the Emergency Health and Nutrition Response Project is doing to bring tangible benefits to conflict-affected communities in Mawza’ and Al Wazeiyyah districts.

The project had a positive impact on the residents, who expressed their thanks and gratitude to HUMAN ACCESS and the YHF for meeting their health care needs.