HUMAN ACCESS in Taiz and Lahj governorates, in partnership with the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), launched a refreshment training on the approach of Minimum Services Package (MSP), and outbreak management and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).
The training aims to enhance the access of people to quality life-saving Primary Health Care (PHC) services based on MSP approach, and to refresh the knowledge and experiences of 45 health workers, in 4 health facilities an one mobile medical team, in order to combat the outbreaks including COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, HUMAN ACCESS is implementing two training sessions for 30 comunity health volunteers on basic health messages in Al-Qahirah and Salah districts of Taiz governorate, and Al-Madaribah Wa Al-Arah district of Lahj governorate.

The project goal is to contribute in improvement of health status and to enhance the access to life-saving essential health services based on Minimum Service Package (MSP) approach through supporting and operating 4 fixed health facilities and a mobile medical team and adopting a comprehensive approach to promote good hygiene practices through the implementation of home visits by the community health volunteers in the targeted districts.

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