Within the framework of the project to respond to the emergency needs of communities and displaced persons in hard-to-reach areas, funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF), HUMAN ACCESS in Taiz Governorate inaugurated last Sunday a training course for health workers on integrated care for childhood diseases, disease outbreak management and infection control. This activity took place in the presence of the director general of Maqbanah district, and the secretary general of HUMAN ACCESS, Taiz branch.

The training program seeks to enhance the capacities of 30 health workers in the field of integrated childhood illness care, disease outbreak management, and infection control, in addition to raising the capacities of 20 male and female community volunteers on life-saving messages.

The training program falls within the context of a number of activities, the overall of which is to provide immediate assistance to people with humanitarian needs, and to offer a minimum package of health services to the most vulnerable displaced populations in the target district by supporting and operating two fixed health facilities and a mobile medical team. In addition to the above, adopting a comprehensive approach to promoting good hygiene practices through volunteer programs, activities, home visits among target communities, and awareness-raising activities through available media.