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First successful birth for Ms. Etab, with the Mobile Medical Unit's support

First successful birth for Ms. Etab, with the Mobile Medical Unit's support

Many rural far-reaching areas in Maqbanah district, Taiz Governorate are facing tragic conditions, severe vulnerability, and destitution over the lack of services, rugged roads, and absence of health services in particular.

HUMAN ACCESS contributes to alleviating the suffering of peoplemidwife team member HUMAN ACCESS

Together with Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF), HUMAN ACCESS, driven by its values to support the needy people, has deployed a mobile medical team from Maqbanah district, Taiz governorate, as part of the “Response to severe and emergency needs for IDPs and host communities”. The medical team moved from their place of residence in Maqbanah district to the target areas in Al-Quhifah sub-district roving miles of rugged roads. Every day in the morning, the vehicle transporting the mobile medical team was traveling around to the target areas in the district, so the team can undertake its humanitarian responsibility. When the team was in Al-Jubieh village, which is one of Al-Qhifah sub-district’s villages, the team came across a house where a 22-aged woman (Ms. Etab) was in labor and facing birth pangs. Ms. Etab was lucky as the mobile team was available and had a skillfully trained midwife. 

The Medical Team spared her from taking any chances

Once the team realized that “Etab” was in labor pain, the midwife team member "Maha”, started immediately to set up a special delivery room to which Etab was transferred. Etab’s family was very anxious and worried as this birth was Etab’s first birth. Everyone was waiting at nerve for this delivery to occur. In this village, birth usually takes place without any medical support. In many cases, women face potential risks, especially in the first childbirth, or in difficult deliveries, which sometimes develop into life-threatening complications.

Moment of Joy and HappinessResponse to severe and emergency needs for IDPs and host communities

Everyone was relieved the moment they heard the baby’s cry. In this village, it was the family that usually cries during such events when a woman goes through difficult labor and the family feels helpless given the lack of health facilities to support and the fact that these areas are remote from the city health center.

As this delivery was a success and the first one made by the mobile medical team, the family expressed their happiness with tears. Being happy and satisfied with the medical support provided, the family and the area residents voiced their appreciation for the HUMAN ACCESS Mobile Medical Team and YHF support for funding the project.


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