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Training program launched for the emergency health and nutrition response project

emergency health and nutrition response project

With funding from the Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF), HUMAN ACCESS in Taiz Governorate launched a training program for the Emergency Health and Nutrition Response Project for conflict-affected communities in Al-Wazieyah and Mawza’a districts.

The project aims to improve health status and life-saving interventions by providing a minimum package of health services and therapeutic nutrition to conflict-affected communities in the two districts.

This program consists of two training courses in therapeutic nutrition (CMAM) for service providers in the targeted facilities and community health volunteers in the targeted areas of the project, designed to enhance their abilities and provide them with the skills necessary to deliver high-quality services.

The program aims to train 40 health workers distributed in 5 health facilities, two mobile teams, and 40 community health volunteers distributed over the population centers of the targeted locations to provide important services to the most vulnerable and needy groups.

HUMAN ACCESS strives to strengthen the health system in Yemen by upgrading the capabilities of working health personnel and creating awareness of health issues within the community.

As a result, care has been taken to target workers in health facilities located in the targeted areas in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Population and its offices in the governorates and districts to ensure sustainability and reflect its long-term impact.

Taiz is one of the Yemeni governorates most affected by the war. Health services and therapeutic nutrition are among the most severe humanitarian needs as they contribute to saving lives and protecting the most vulnerable from increasing shocks.


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