On the morning of October 23, 2021, the first childbirth was attended inside Hymiar Al-Jabal Health Center (Taiz Governorate) since the day of its opening. The childbearing of twins for Mrs. Moufida Ahmed Sultan (from Al-Jari'a village) ignited happiness in the whole area, with the arrival of the first two guests into the Health Center: cute healthy two girls; Sarah and Asrar.

Hymiar Al-Jabal Health Center used to provide limited health care services. Delivery cases are almost non-existent due to an unready delivery room in the Health Center. Forcefully, that led some families to travel long distances through rugged roads, it may be tens of miles, reaching the nearest health facility with a well-prepared delivery room and well-skilled midwives. Consequently, the majority of pregnant women resorted to giving birth at home. This inescapable option exposed pregnant women to multiple risks, especially for the first childbearing (primipara) or in births that are prone to complications, such as the case of Ms. Moufida and her multiple pregnancies (twins).

In the middle of 2021, contributing to the improvement of the health situation in Maqbanah district became an objective of HUMAN ACCESS Organization, especially after the increase in internal displacement due to the war taking place around the district and its outskirts. In August, it started intervening with the project of first stander allocation: "Response to Emergency & Acute needs of Communities and IDPs in Hard to reach areas (REACH Project) in Maqbanah district - Taiz" that funded by Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF). Hymiar Al-Jabal Health Center (HC) is one of two HCs are rehabilitated, capacity building of health forces, and been operated by HUMAN ACCESS in order to provide life-saving minimum services package of health care for the most vulnerable populations of IDPs and host communities. Since the HC is located in a vital catchment area and targets a wide geographical zone, HUMAN ACCESS strived to equip and operate the delivery room.

Mr. Ammar Muhammad Amer, the father of the twins, expressed how he was delighted that the birth took place in the HC near their village. He also said: "My greatest pleasure is that Allah granted me these twins after a long wait for being a father". As for the mother of the twins, Mrs. Mufida Ahmed Sultan conveyed that the day of labor was the most concern freaking out her during pregnancy. She said: "I was worrying if the time comes, where I will give birth? I would not give birth at home to avoid any complications, but going to a distant health facility is very stressful and expensive for us". Fortunately, she was reassured when she learned that she could give birth in the nearby HC.

Presently, Mrs. Mufida and her normal twins (Sarah and Asrar) are in good health. She said about the childbearing of the twins that Allah, who made it easy for her, will make it easier for her to raise them as well. Satisfyingly, she and her husband thank all the health workers and the project team for their efforts to aid the people severely in need. Therefore, HUMAN ACCESS, which is close to people and their needs, conveys great thanks to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) team and donors who are sensitive to Yemen and its critical humanitarian situation.