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Various activities to enhance women's resilience and improve livelihoods

improve livelihoods

HUMAN ACCESS in Shabwa and Marib governorates conducted a wide range of activities within the protection and livelihood support project, “Safe Space for Women and Girls,” funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to help the most needy families become self-reliant, inform women of their rights, and develop their abilities to acquire craft skills to improve livelihoods.

During the safe space's regular meeting in Shabwa, the protection network discussed the 16-day activism campaign to confront gender-based violence that will begin at the end of the month.

In addition, the meeting stressed the need for community efforts to protect women and girls from violence, since violence impedes women's participation in public life.

In Marib, the safe space in Al-Wadi district completed two training courses, the first a life, financial and marketing skills training for a number of women who benefited from the vocational rehabilitation in preparation for their involvement in the labor market and the success of their own projects.

The second one is a professional course in the field of accessories manufacturing to equip trainees with the skills necessary of this craft and enable them to earn a living.

In Al-Matar area, the safe space held a life, financial and marketing skills training for female beneficiaries of the vocational training program in the field of engraving and henna.

Awareness and group psychological support sessions were also carried out on psychological resilience, custody and its provisions.

The goal of this activity is to enhance the steadfastness of beneficiaries and inform them of their rights, making them less vulnerable to violations and facing a life full of turmoil.


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