HUMAN ACCESS in Al-Mahra and Marib governorates implemented a number of purposeful activities as part of the protection and livelihood support project “Safe Space for Women and Girls” funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), to support women’s rights in Yemen, ensure their access to basic services, and protect them from gender-based violence.

In Al-Ghaydah city of Al-Mahra, the safe space organized a life and financial skills course for 20 female trainees in the field of hairdressing, cell phone maintenance and programming.

A major objective of the training is to provide trainees with administrative, financial, and marketing skills that will enable them to engage in the labor market and earn a living. This is one of the most effective ways to help the most vulnerable groups rebuild their lives in a dignified and safe way.

In Marib, the safe space in Al-Mujamma area organized a special meeting for community committees and peer networks to discuss a number of issues, including gender-based violence, review the activities carried out in the past period, prepare plans for the next stage, and emphasize the importance of intensifying efforts to target the largest possible number of societal segments.

70 female students from Bilqis Secondary School participated in a community awareness session on time management with group psychological support accompanied by a recreational activity to eliminate negative thoughts.

During the third quarterly meeting of the community committees held in Marib Al-Wadi, the safe space discussed the previous and upcoming work mechanisms, results, and the importance of awareness and mobilization in supporting women’s issues.

A community awareness-raising campaign was also launched to motivate students for the new academic year, emphasizing the importance of education and developing the abilities and skills of girls for community service.

The safe space also concluded two courses, the first on life, financial and marketing skills for the beneficiaries of two vocational programs in sewing and livestock raising.

The second event marked the conclusion of a sewing and embroidery training course for 15 beneficiaries, which was followed by a small ceremony showcasing the products produced by the trainees, which demonstrated the trainees' great benefit from the training course and their ability to start their own businesses.

In Al Jufaina area, the safe space conducted a group psychological support session on psychological fortification, in the presence of 22 women.

A key theme of the session was the importance of maintaining psychological well-being and psychological security, as well as activating psychological immunity to cope with crises and shocks, especially with the harsh living and economic conditions in the country that increase psychological pressures.

The safe space also carried out three awareness sessions, the first a community-based on the rights of women and girls and women’s right to enjoy their legitimate rights.

The second session was a human rights issue which focused on 21 women, and addressed their societal roles, because women are half of society and their participation in society is essential for comprehensive development.

On the third session, 19 women participated in community awareness about the protection and livelihood support project’s services in combating gender-based violence.