HUMAN ACCESS in the city of Mukalla, Hadhramaut Governorate, discussed with the Education Office aspects of cooperation and a joint action mechanism to implement interventions in support of the education sector, which is the most affected by the ongoing conflict in the country.

At a meeting with Mr. Amin Abdullah Ba Abbad, Director General of the Education Office on the coast of Hadhramaut, a delegation of HUMAN ACCESS discussed the educational needs in the areas of infrastructure, educational environment, teacher interest, and others, surrounded by a number of education officials.

According to Ba Abbad, the purpose of this meeting is to unite official efforts with civil society organizations to advance education as the main key to development.

He also praised the HUMAN ACCESS interventions to support the education sector and their positive impact.

In order to ensure a country's future, HUMAN ACCESS invests in the education sector and implements various educational projects to ensure that Yemen's education sector recovers from the devastating effects of war.