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Mobilization, advocacy, honoring peer networks, and qualifying women and girls

Mobilization, advocacy, honoring peer networks, and qualifying women and girls

HUMAN ACCESS in Hadhramaut and Marib governorates carried out a number of activities within the activities of the Protection and Livelihood Support Project "Safe Space for Women and Girls", funded by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

In the city of Seiyun, a mobilization and advocacy session for peer networks was organized for 45 men on women's rights and the importance of granting them their rights due to their great role in society, as women are considered half of society and men's partners.

In Marib, a safe space for women and girls in Al Mujamma neighborhood concluded meetings of community committees and peer networks. At the closing ceremony, the members were honored and handed over certificates of thanks and appreciation for their efforts during 2022.

In Al Matar neighborhood, the safe space launched livelihood training for the fourth quarter of this year in the fields of sewing and making sweets, targeting 30 trainees of displaced and resident women for the purpose of empowering them economically and improving their living conditions.


The safe space in Al Wadi District also concluded a training course in the field of incense and perfume industry, as part of the additional courses carried out by the safe space to enable the beneficiaries to acquire craft professions that help them to become self-reliant and create income-generating sources for them.


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