To qualify a female cadre specialized in professional and qualitative fields as a gateway to engaging in the labor market and establishing their own work and self-reliance, HUMAN ACCESS has launched in Hadhramaut and Marib governorates two training programs in mobile phone maintenance and programming under the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)-funded protection project "Safe Space for Women and Girls".

The first session was held in Seiyun in Wadi Hadhramaut, targeting 7 beneficiaries from needy and poor families, including the displaced and the host community.

The second session focused on 35 female beneficiaries in Marib city and Marib Al-Wadi districts in Marib, to equip them with basic skills in maintaining and programming smartphones, and to ensure that women's data and privacy are protected on mobile phones, thus helping trainees gain income-generating employment opportunities and support their families.