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In partnership with UNHCR, Community awareness sessions implemented in Al-Wadi district, Marib Governorate

Community awareness sessions

HUMAN ACCESS in Al-Wadi district, Marib Governorate, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), carried out two awareness sessions.

The first session dealt with the art of coexistence and acceptance of the other, which took place through a visit to al-Nuqaya area, Al-Rashid Munif sub-district in Al-Wadi district, with the aim of providing psychological support to the newly displaced people and identifying their needs.

The awareness included the concept of peaceful societal coexistence, its foundations, components and principles, and the reasons for not accepting the other. The problems faced by the displaced were also identified and proposals were put forward to solve and submit them within the field visit report.

The second session dealt with adapting to displacement, in which the newly displaced were visited, inspected the new camp, assessed their needs, sat down with some critical and emergency cases, and provided psychological support to the displaced.

Community awareness sessions Yemen


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