A team from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Office in Sana'a inspected the services of the protection project run by HUMAN ACCESS in Marib Governorate, with funding from the UNHCR.

The project involved a variety of services for displaced people living in a highly vulnerable conditions, such as running the community center for IDPs and creating a child-friendly space in Al-Suwayda camp for IDPs.

The visiting UN team consists of Ms. Vi Tran, Relations officer at UNHCR in Yemen, Ms. Mysa Khalifa, Communications officer at the Sana’a office, and Mr. Gregory Diana, Associate relations officer in Aden office, accompanied by Mr. Peter Fitz, Director of the UNHCR office in Marib, and Dr. Lawand Talal, Protection officer at the Marib office.

During the visit, the UN team was briefed on the life-saving services of the protection project, and also met with a number of beneficiaries of these services, including beneficiaries of the literacy, first aid, and livelihoods programs, and others.

This falls within the context of the impact assessment undertaken by this important project on protecting the target groups, especially the most vulnerable groups such as women, girls, and children, by meeting their essential needs and boosting their resilience.