In order to raise the level of awareness, education, and enhance the participation of Yemeni women in various fields, HUMAN ACCESS in Marib Governorate implemented a wide range of activities under the Protection and Livelihood Support Project “Safe Space for Women and Girls,” funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief).

In Al-Matar area, the safe space carried out two awareness sessions, the first for 18 women, addressing sound family education, while the second session was about the complaints and suggestions box.

Additionally, the Children's Space offered recreational and educational activities to some of the most disadvantaged children, believing that the child is a fundamental part of any family or society.

In Al-Jufaina area, the safe space organized two awareness sessions, the first addressed the social role of women, while the second event focused on gender-based violence.

As part of the space's psychological support program, two sessions were conducted, the first presented advice for a happy married life, and the second on psychological pressures and ways to cope with them, since psychological pressure poses great risks for the most vulnerable women and girls.

The safe space in Al-Jufaina area also held a regular meeting of the work team to evaluate the performance of the past period in order to enhance the strengths and address the weaknesses to achieve greater success.

Besides providing recreational activities for children, the project tracked its impact on women who have benefited from economic empowerment in order to understand the obstacles they face in developing their own enterprises, as well as to find out about successful projects and learn from them.

In Al-Mujamma area, the safe space organized two workshops, the first on the importance of breastfeeding, which is a lifeline for infants and babies, and the second workshop on the role of the family in raising children to create healthy and strong communities, in addition to conducting an entertainment activity for children.