The humanitarian situation in Yemen is going through the most difficult stages and the most difficult humanitarian fields. In view of the significant increase in poverty rates, the increase in humanitarian needs throughout Yemen, and in light of the difficult global conditions witnessed by most countries of the world to confront the Coronavirus, HUMAN ACCESS, in partnership with Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), distributed Ramadan food baskets consisting of flour, rice, sugar, oil, dates and legumes for a number (2788) poor families in 11 Yemeni governorates.

The association also provided (3342) fasting meals in the governorates of Hadramaut, Marib and Taiz, where the distributed items contributed to alleviating the suffering of the beneficiary families and supporting them in overcoming the hardships they face in providing the basic requirements for their living.

Yahya Al-Daba, Chairman of HUMAN ACCESS, explained that the distribution of food baskets comes within the framework of the Ramadan charity projects implemented by HUMAN ACCESS every year. These projects contribute to alleviating the suffering of the poor, displaced, needy families and those affected by the conflict and bring joy and happiness to members of the beneficiary families during the days of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Al-Daba indicated that HUMAN ACCESS has adopted the distribution in accordance with the requirements of public safety and precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus. He extended his thanks and appreciation to IHH for its continuous support for the various projects and services implemented by HUMAN ACCESS for the benefit of the poor, displaced and affected families throughout the governorates of the Republic.

Al-Daba called on all humanitarian organizations, businessmen, donors and philanthropists to take the initiative in supporting Ramadan charitable projects, make more volunteer efforts and provide the necessary services in view of the increasing need, especially in light of the current conditions in Yemen.

IHH Yemen food baskets

IHH Yemen food baskets