HUMAN ACCESS implemented Ramadan charity projects for the year 2021 in all governorates of the Republic in partnership with many donor organizations and support agencies and personalities at home and abroad, which contributed to alleviating the suffering of displaced, poor, and affected families, and the families of orphans during the 20 days that have passed from the blessed month of Ramadan.

Adel Bamakhrama, HUMAN ACCESS Assistant Secretary General, said in a statement that about (579,007) individuals representing (96,501) families have benefited from Ramadan charitable projects presented during the past 20 days of Ramadan. Bamakhrama added that these services consisted of distributing food baskets, fasting breakfast, dates, meat, and in-kind and cash alms to families and individuals in the various governorates and districts of the Republic, noting that HUMAN ACCESS was keen to observe the requirements of public safety and take precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus.

Bamakhrama emphasized that HUMAN ACCESS has used its long experience and practices in implementing Ramadan charity projects through an effective mechanism and a network of workers and volunteers in its branches, offices and committees in all governorates. He praised the level of relationship and cooperation between HUMAN ACCESS and international, regional and local humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen, which resulted in great efforts and support for thousands of people in Yemen.

The Assistant Secretary General also noted that HUMAN ACCESS has begun to implement the Eid clothing and gift project in various governorates, and it is expected that more than (70) thousand children from poor families and orphans will benefit from this project in all governorates of the Republic.

Finally, Bamakhrama extended his thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the support of Ramadan charitable projects, such as charitable organizations and associations, supportive personalities, donors and philanthropists at home and abroad. He in addition thanked the workers and volunteers who contributed greatly to implementing the project as required.

HUMAN ACCESS | Ramadan aid

HUMAN ACCESS | Ramadan aid