HUMAN ACCESS in Shabwa Governorate handed over 23 economic empowerment grants to beneficiaries of vocational and life training courses during the first half of this year in a number of professional fields, including sewing, making sweets/ pastries, and hairdressing, as part of the protection and livelihood support project “Safe Space for Women and Girls” funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

At the distribution ceremony, Nasser Muhammad Ali Habtoor, Director General of the Technical Education and Vocational Training office in Shabwa, praised HUMAN ACCESS and UNFPA for these important programs that strive to create economic opportunities in the governorate, help improve living conditions, and cope with the burdens of life.

It is noteworthy that the number of women and girls benefiting from training and economic empowerment programs in Shabwa has reached 323 over the years.

They received the requirements of the profession after vocational qualification to improve the ability of the most vulnerable groups to access employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, and to obtain a better standard of living and greater resilience and societal stability.