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WFP representative in Yemen meets with HUMAN ACCESS delegate in Marib Governorate

WFP representative in Yemen

World Food Program (WFP) Representative in Yemen, Laurent Bukera, and Ms. Mutinta Shimoka, director of WFP Office in Aden Governorate, met with HUMAN ACCESS representative in Marib Governorate, as an implementing partner of WFP along with other organizations.

This visit comes within the framework of coordination and review of what the organizations offer and to discuss aspects of joint cooperation and how to expand partnerships in the future.

During the meeting, Laurent stressed the importance of information and capacity building to provide more humanitarian and relief projects to WFP beneficiaries, including IDPs and host community, praising the importance of holding meetings and dialogues with the program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian interventions, coordination and joint planning in a way that achieves their common humanitarian goals. He also indicated that World Food Program will hold a workshop in August at the level of Aden hub to exchange views on the priorities of the program.

The representative of WFP reviewed the integrated experience of HUMAN ACCESS in providing services and their importance as a package that meets the needs of the displaced. He also valued the humanitarian efforts carried out by HUMAN ACCESS and the various aids it provides to refugees and displaced persons, its positive impact on their lives, the knowledge and technical skills it enjoys, and its long experience in the field of humanitarian work.

Laurent Bukera WFP


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