Where is Aden Governorate located?

The Governorate of Aden is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aden between the latitude (47-12) north of the equator. It is far from the capital, Sana'a,Aden Governorate of about (363) kilometers. Aden Governorate is considered the economic and commercial capital of the Republic of Yemen.

How big is Aden Governorate?

The area of ​​the governorate is about (750) square kilometers, distributed over eight districts.

What is the population of Aden Governorate?

According to the results of the 2004 census, the population of Aden Governorate reached (589,419) people, with an annual increase at a rate of (3.77%).

What are the districts of Aden governorate?

The governorate of Aden is divided into 8 districts according to the last administrative division as follows:

What are the major tourist and historical landmarks in Aden Governorate?

The governorate has many diverse and attractive tourist and historical attractions, the most important of which are: Sirah Castle, Aban Mosque, Al Aidarous Mosque, Big Ben Aden, Attawilah Reservoirs, Gold Moor Park, Golden Coast and Abyan Coast.

What is the climate of Aden Governorate?

Aden has a relatively hot climate, with temperatures around 27 °C, and humidity between 62% - 73%. As for the rains, they fall in winter and spring, but they are few in summer.



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