Supported by Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF), a contract was signed with a local selected contractor in Ataq city, Shabwa Governorate, to rehabilitate water pumping systems in Al-Shabakiyah Water Field, which is part of Ataq Water Project, along with the construction of 100 makeshift latrines for IDPs camps available at the city. This would benefit nearly 80,000 people.

During the signature, the Director of the Water and Sanitation Authority in Shabwah Governorate, Eng. Abdullah Mohammed Farid, expressed his thanks to HUMAN ACCESS and YHF  for their efforts in rehabilitating Al-Shabakiyah Water Field, under Ataq Water Project, and expressed his willingness to support making the project a success.

The Director urged the local contractor to expedite the work, owing to a stifling water crisis in Ataq City Water Project, and the urgent need to rehabilitate the water systems so to ensure adequate access to water for the residents.

In turn, HUMAN ACCESS Director at Shabwah, Mr. Hashim Al-Nakhur, alongside WASH Officer for the Integrated Project, Eng. Walid Al-Sara’e, stressed that the local contractor should commence work as soon as possible and that work should be undertaken responsibly to the highest quality within the set period.