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Urgent Humanitarian Emergency Intervention to Relief IDPs and Vulnerable People in Marib Governorate

Urgent Humanitarian Emergency Intervention to Relief IDPs and Vulnerable People in Marib Governorate

HUMAN ACCESS provided an urgent relief aid to the IDPs, within the framework of the emergency and urgent relief projects. This program provides the IDPs and those people whom were affected, badly, by the ongoing crisis in Marib Governorate. The project was organized to providing hundreds of IDPs and affected volnurable families with housing, health and education materials. This program was implemented in partnership with a number of donor organizations and supporting bodies. Here is the summary as in the following report, which was presented in this field; such as:-

Food Baskets:

In food field, a distribution of (3.806) food baskets was given to poor and IDPs families. Total beneficiaries were about (22.836) individuals. The food baskets included flour, rice, sugar, legumes, oil, dates and sauce were funded by Muslim Aid (MAA) supported by other organizations Deniz Feneri Association, MyFundAction, and Global Peace - Malaysia. In this food program, the targeted distribution was of (14.600) ready-to-eat meals and (425.178) bags of bread.


This project included 42 tents. Those tents were given to IDPs, in partnership with Balad Alkhair Society of Kuwait, providing 100 shelter units. Each unit included mattress, blankets and pillows, benefiting 100 IDPs and affected families in partnership with Global Peace - Malaysia. Furthermore, another distribution of 450 units of cooking utensils, in partnership with Muslim Aid (MAA) were given to IDPs too.


Water and sanitation field included the provision of 1.400 hygiene bags, and the distribution of (16.168.000) liters of safe water for drinking and domestic use in the camps of the IDPs, in partnership with Muslim Aid (MAA). The distributed water contributed to alleviating the suffering of (161.680) IDPs, that face great difficulty in obtaining clean water due to its high prices.

School Bags and School Uniforms:

A distribution of school bags supplies, and school uniforms has been given to benefiting 100 male and female students, which effectively contributed to encouraging the children of IDPs to continue their education. The program aims to reduce the financial burden on their families, in partnership with Global Peace - Malaysia.
This urgent response comes within the framework of HUMAN ACCESS duty towards the IDPs to alleviating their suffering.

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