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HUMAN ACCESS makes a difference in the lives of IDPs in Al-Mudhallal camp

HUMAN ACCESS makes a difference in the lives of IDPs in Al-Mudhallal camp

“We escaped from the war of bullets to the war of lack of services.” This is what the displaced Munir Abdullah - 35 years old - said, describing the situation in which he and a large number of displaced people live in Al-Mudhallal camp in Ataq city, Shabwa Governorate.

Al-Mudhallal camp is one of the oldest camps in Ataq and one of the symbols of the protracted Yemeni IDP crisis. This camp has turned into a temporary shelter for about 221 families who fled the scourge of war, including Munir, who took refuge there with his family consisting of his wife and six children as IDPs from Baihan District in search of safety.

Tragedies and pain

However, this camp, which houses the most vulnerable displaced and marginalized groups, lacks the most basic life-saving services. Toilets are almost non-existent, as men resort to mosque baths or public baths to relieve themselves.

As for the women, they wait for darkness to go out to the open and move away from the camp to relieve themselves safely. Children are forced to urinate and defecate in the open, with devastating consequences for health, the economy and the environment in the poorest and most marginalized communities.

As for water sources, they are almost non-existent in Al Mudhallal camp. Getting water is a daily chore, and often the responsibility for fetching water falls on the shoulders of women and children from far distances.

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The integrative provision project contributes to alleviating suffering

In this environment full of challenges from all aspects of life, the displaced people in Al-Mudhallal camp finally saw hope through the project for the integrated provision of a minimum package of water, environmental sanitation, health and protection services for the most vulnerable displaced.

It is a project implemented by HUMAN ACCESS in Shabwa, specifically in February 2022, in partnership with Yemeni Humanitarian Fund (YHF). The project involved constructing 64 toilets, in addition to supplying water.

The project also included the distribution of basic hygiene items, the organization of a community awareness program, and the implementation of permanent and continuous cleaning campaigns. Thus, the project separated two eras for the displaced in Al-Mudhallal camp.

Project Impact

The project brought about a qualitative leap for the displaced, and everyone was overjoyed and grateful for this, including the displaced, Munir, who said: "This is what we have been wishing for for a long time." This humanitarian intervention is essential to protect one of Yemen's most vulnerable groups.


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