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Providing reproductive health services in Wadi Marib

health services in Wadi Marib

The safe space for women and girls in Al-Wadi district, Marib Governorate, implemented a reproductive health program in coordination with the Yaman Foundation.

This program targeted pregnant women in their eighth and ninth months at the district level, so that access to reproductive health care can be expanded to those in need, preventing them from suffering financial hardship and making them more likely to benefit from the positive impact these services have on their lives.

The reproductive health program included community awareness, as well as distributing free vouchers to the targeted women to enable them to obtain a number of medical services for free in the hospitals specified and agreed upon in advance to provide these important services.

These services include prenatal checkups, tests, x-rays, caesarean sections, and transportation allowances, all of which are rendered with high quality through the pregnancy and delivery period.

HUMAN ACCESS in Marib manages the safe space for women and girls within the Protection and Livelihood Support Project, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The key objective of this project is to empower women in Yemen, support their rights in line with human rights and dignity, and remove obstacles that stand in their way to achieve their aspirations and face the complexities of life.


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