With the approaching Eid al-Adha, HUMAN ACCESS is preparing to implement the sacrificial meat distribution project for this year 1445 AH - 2024 in several Yemen’s governorates, to deliver meat directly to the most vulnerable and needy groups on time and with high quality, in partnership with donors and philanthropists.

With well-thought-out plans and correct rules, HUMAN ACCESS purchases the sacrifices animals and prepares designated places for the slaughtering process.

A veterinary inspection is performed on the sacrificed animals before they are slaughtered and in hygienic conditions according to Islamic rules. Meat is then delivered to the poor and needy, and their tables are blessed during the days of Eid Al-Adha.

In a special statement, Yahya Hasan Al-Daba, Head of HUMAN ACCESS, confirmed that the team working within the sacrificial meat distribution project has a high level of readiness to carry out the project to the fullest extent.

He said that the distribution of sacrificial meat is an opportunity that the association seizes on an annual basis to put a smile on the faces of the vulnerable who are impatiently awaiting Eid al-Adha to eat meat.