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Djibouti: HUMAN ACCESS and CIAUD agree to prepare a partnership proposal

HUMAN ACCESS and CIAUD partnership

HUMAN ACCESS office in the State of Djibouti and CIAUD agreed to prepare a partnership proposal between the two organizations by collectively adopting some humanitarian projects, including the clothing and recreational project for children on Eid.

In this regard, a delegation from the CIAUD organization led by Jama Ahmed Hasan, Director of the office, was welcomed to the HUMAN ACCESS office in Djibouti where the two organizations discussed the possibility of establishing a strategic partnership in several sectors.

At the meeting, the contributions of HUMAN ACCESS to enhancing the existing strategic partnership between organizations operating in Djibouti under the supervision of official authorities and their importance in advancing humanitarian work were reviewed.


On his part, Jama Ahmed Hasan expressed his gratitude and pride, appreciating at the same time the existing partnership between the two organizations in several important humanitarian programs, which he wishes to develop and strengthen in the future.


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