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Coinciding with International Literacy Day, Implementation of events and activities

International Literacy Day Yemen

Coinciding with the celebration of International Literacy Day, which falls on September 9 of each year, HUMAN ACCESS organization implemented within the protection and livelihood support project in Shabwa Governorate, in partnership with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), a number of events and activities for women and girls in Ataq District. This activity comes in the context of achieving the sustainable development goals. Below is a report summarizing the activities performed:

Legal awareness lecture for women

The lecture focused on the divine laws and international conventions in promoting women's issues, and the importance of legal and human rights culture for women. The lecture also dealt with all civil, economic, cultural, social and political rights.

Sensitization on the importance of educating women and girls

The sessions discussed the role of women in the upbringing of the individual and society, the importance of women's education in improving the psychological aspect of women, dealing with different life situations, securing financial independence for women, and preserving their dignity.

Seminar on cognitive skills development

The seminar covered a number of themes, most notably the skills of continuous self-development, problem-solving skills, and time management skills.

Training course in Arabic calligraphy skills

This course dealt with the application of motion skills in writing and handling the pen. It also touched on the rules, basics, and various schools of Arabic calligraphy, in addition to its impact on boosting the mental abilities of participants.

Cultural and artistic competitions for women

This activity included various cultural and artistic fields, and the distribution of purposeful gifts to motivate the participating women and girls, spread cultural awareness, and bring joy and pleasure.


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