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Various activities to enhance women and girls' resilience and awareness

enhance women and girls

To address the challenges facing women in Yemen, promote their empowerment, realize their human rights guaranteed to them, and raise awareness about their interests, needs, and potentials, HUMAN ACCESS in Marib Governorate implemented a number of purposeful activities within the Protection and Livelihood Support Project activities “Safe Space for Women and Girls”, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

In Al-Wadi District, the safe space conducted a field visit to verify the qualifications of female applicants for perfume and incense industry training, to observe their situation closely, and to compare them according to specific and accurate criteria.

In Marib city district, the safe space implemented a group psychological support session on the importance of the role of women in society, and another community session on the dangers of early marriage for girls and society.

In Al-Rawda area and Al-Mil camps, the safe space organized three training courses, the first to develop life and marketing skills for beneficiaries of the economic empowerment projects and enhance their capabilities in the labor market, and the second in the field of sewing and tailoring targeting 13 displaced women, while the third is a training and refresher course for the peer network and the community-based protection committee to activate its community roles to serve women and girls.

With the participation of 20 women, the safe space in Al-Jufaina area organized a psychological session on concentration skills, and another introductory session on safe space services.

In Al-Mujamma area, the safe space carried out two training courses, the first in the field of sewing and tailoring, with the participation of 16 trainees, while the second in hairdressing and beautification, with the participation of 13 trainees. In other words, empowering women translates into empowering vulnerable families, and this ensures that they are protected from poverty and its repercussions.


In Al-Matar area, the safe space launched a vocational training and economic empowerment program for the first quarter of this year by implementing two training courses, the first in the field of sweets and pastries, with the participation of 13 trainees, while the second course in the field of sewing targeting 13 women.

Additionally, the safe space offered psychological support and awareness sessions addressing a variety of important topics such as emotional intelligence, early marriage, and stress management.


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