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In partnership with Sadaqa Association .. we help them continue their life's journey

In partnership with Sadaqa Association .. we help them continue their life's journey

In terms of emergency relief provided to the displaced and conflict-affected people, a number of projects and services were implemented in the governorates of Marib and Hadhramaut, in partnership with Sadaqa Charity Association.

This aid included carrying out cataract operations, distributing wheelchairs for the disabled, implementing a water irrigation project, and distributing sewing machines. In the following report, a summary of what was presented in this field during last February.

Surgical operations to remove cataract

A medical team specialized in the field of ophthalmology performed 10 surgeries for 10 patients, while providing free treatments to patients. The project had a great impact in combating blindness among the poorest groups of people with cataract disease in Wadi Hadramout.


Wheelchairs for the disabled

Wheelchairs are a major concern for hundreds of wounded and disabled people. Their provision by HUMAN ACCESS helped ease the burden on their families, as HUMAN ACCESS distributed wheelchairs to a number of disabled and people with special needs, benefiting 20 disabled people in Marib Governorate.


Distribution of sewing machines with operating supplies

Within the Economic Empowerment Program, HUMAN ACCESS distributed sewing machines with operating supplies to 3 displaced families in Wadi Hadhramaut. This support helped the beneficiary families move from the circle of need to the circle of production and provide a regular income for the beneficiary families.

Supplying affected families with safe drinking water

120 thousand liters of safe water for drinking and domestic use have been delivered to the displaced and affected people in Marib governorate. This support eased the suffering of affected families who encounter great difficulties in obtaining water due to its high costs.


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