HUMAN ACCESS in Marib Governorate inaugurated Tarahum Health Unit in Al-Kola area of ​​Al-Wadi District, with funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Kuwaiti Tarahum Foundation.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Shaddadi, Director General of the Public Health and Population Office in the governorate, pointed out the importance of opening the health unit to mitigate the suffering of the people in providing primary health care services, praising the humanitarian efforts undertaken by HUMAN ACCESS through the emergency health response project funded by World Health Organization. The health official also thanked the funding and implementing agencies for their exerted efforts in supporting the efforts of the competent government agencies in implementing service projects.

For his part, Sheikh Abdulrazzaq Al-Baqma, representative of Taraham Foundation, commended the role of the Health and Population Office in the governorate for its continuous support for various health development projects and services, stressing the foundation’s readiness to provide support to the health aspect in the governorate.

In this regard, Dr. Ahmed Mudhesh, coordinator of the HUMAN ACCESS emergency health response project, confirmed the continuation of the project's services represented in providing basic and primary health services during the coming period for the displaced and host community, noting the importance of integrating the role of civil society and official authorities.