On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, which the United Nations celebrates annually on August 19 to highlight the difficult conditions experienced by humanitarian workers globally, the local authority in Marib Governorate, in partnership with the United Nations Office for United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the governorate, honored HUMAN ACCESS in appreciation for its contributions and tremendous efforts in the field of humanitarian work.

In a special ceremony for this occasion, the Undersecretary of Marib Governorate, Dr. Abdrabbo Muftah, and in the presence of OCHA’s official in the governorate, Rashid Al-Dubaei, handed over HUMAN ACCESS a certificate of thanks and appreciation for its great role in saving people, assisting and protecting the needy, in addition to standing side by side with vulnerable community members, meeting their needs and giving them hope.

HUMAN ACCESS was established in March 1990 by a group of social figures and volunteers as a charitable, humanitarian, developmental, community, nongovernmental, and non-profit organization to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to the most vulnerable and needy groups throughout Yemen and abroad, working with donors and philanthropists to fulfill a vision that prioritizes people.

As an organization devoted to the human dimension and away from any other motives, HUMAN ACCESS operates with dynamism, renewed energy, and a high level of human sense, following comprehensive needs assessments, adhering to international humanitarian standards while considering the work environment, ensuring absolute transparency through strict governance standards, and employing a highly competent and committed workforce.