HUMAN ACCESS in Aden Governorate honored the Epidemiological Surveillance Office, Physiotherapy Center, Prosthetics Center, Vaccination Center, and Maternity and Childhood Center at Al-Sadaqa Hospital, in appreciation of their efforts and in recognition of their role in supporting HUMAN ACCESS projects and activities for refugees.

The honoring ceremony was attended by Jamal Al-Atifi, Director of HUMAN ACCESS in Aden, Dr. Fayzan Abdulhamid, Executive Director of the Refugee Health Project, Dr. Enas Obaid, Director of Al-Basateen Medical Center, and program coordinators in the center, during which shields and certificates of appreciation were distributed.

At the honoring ceremony, Jamal Al-Atifi praised the efforts made by the national program offices for their continuous support in the success of the health project services for refugees. For their part, the honored individuals from the national authorities expressed their thanks to HUMAN ACCESS for honoring them, praising its health efforts, assistance, programs and its various humanitarian projects.