During the conclusion of the 16-day campaign to combat gender-based violence, HUMAN ACCESS in Marib Governorate launched a bazaar to display and market the products of women beneficiaries of economic empowerment projects for the current year 2023, and within the context of the protection and livelihood support project “Safe Space for Women and Girls,” funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The opening of the bazaar took place in the presence of the Director General of the Social Affairs & Labor office in the governorate, Abdulhakim Al-Qaisi, the Deputy Director of the Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced Persons’ Camps (ExU), Dr. Khaled Al-Shijni, the Director of the Trade & Industry office in the city, Majed Shaalan, and Ghamdan Al-Qadi, UNFPA’s Sub-cluster Coordinator of gender-based violence in Marib.

The bazaar includes products of women beneficiaries of the vocational rehabilitation and economic empowerment projects in multiple craft fields, such as sewing and tailoring, sweets and pastries making, incense and perfume manufacturing, engraving and henna, men’s belt making, themes making, mobile phone maintenance, and soap and detergent manufacturing.

This main goal of the event is to highlight the work of women beneficiaries, introduce their creativity, and create marketing opportunities for their products.