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Invitation to Bid (supply of Medicines and Medical Supplies and Basic/consumable hygein kits supply)

Invitation to Bid (supply of Medicines and Medical Supplies and Basic/consumable hygein kits supply)

Reference No : YHF/HA/Health01/01/02/2022  - YHF/HA/Wash-01/02/02/2022                                                                 

Human Access is implementing resapons to Provision of integrated WASH, Health, and Protection minimum services package (MSP (for the most vulnerable IDPs in newly emerged IDP sites in two districts in Ash -Shiher district (Hadramawt) & Ataq district (Shabwah) 2022.

Human Access herewith is inviting qualified suppliers to submit their offers for the following below:

  1. supply Medicines, Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment and IPC materials.

Invitation to Bid  (supply of Medicines and Medical Supplies and Basic/consumable hygein kits supply)

2. Basic/Consumable hygiene kits supply.
The supplier has the right to subscribe to one of the mentioned components according to his business activity, any component that the supplier wants to participate in must be priced for all its items.

The tender will be conducted using HUMAN ACCESS open tender documents, open to all qualified suppliers and service providers, can be downloaded from the form after the submit.

Tenderers will fill, sign, stamp and return all forms according to HUMAN ACCESS's format.

Tenderers will understand the (instructions to bidder’s form), contain all the instructions and conditions of the tender.

The Bidding Documents (in English or Arabic) may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders at the following address: Aden- Khor Makser, Lotus Hotel.

All bids must be submitted at Wednesday Feb.-23th-2022 at 10:30 AM at the address mentioned above.

HUMAN ACCESS will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to HUMAN ACCESS.

  • A tender opening session will take place at Wednesday-23th-2022 at 11:00 AM in Aden- Khor Makser, Lotus Hotel, and the presence of bidders’ representative is important.
  • The bidder’s representative in bids opening session should provide an official memo includes the representative's name and a copy of his identity.
  • For all inquiries regarding this tender, please contact HUMAN ACCESS Procurement/Logistics department office not later than Feb-22th -2022 by e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Important instructions for Bidders:

  • The price must include transportation, supply and delivery to the HUMAN ACCESS warehouses in Ash -Shiher district -Hadramawt governorate and Ataq district - shabwah governorate (supply of medicine, medical supply and IPC material is delivered to Only Ash -Shiher district -Hadramawt governorate).
  • All information required in the financial offer form and tender documents shall be filled out with signature and stamp on all tender documents.
  • All items - Depending on the component that supplier wants to compete in -shall be priced . Any bid for unpriced items exceeding 10% of items will not be considered.
  • The bids should not exceed three digits after the decimal point, and arithmetic errors will negatively affect the evaluation process.
  • he bid currency is in dollars.
  • A sample of each type of medicine must be attached. Medical supplies and Basic/Consumable hygiene kits Catalogs and clear photos containing all product data are sufficient with the right of the organization to request the samples during the analysis of bids or to visit the supplier to verify the conformity of the samples to the offer.
  • Medicines and all items must be valid for at least one year from the date of receipt.
  • The bid shall be accompanied by a check acceptable to pay or a bank guarantee for a period of 90 days (from the day the envelopes were opened) with a value equivalent to 2.5% of the total bid value.

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