In coordination with the Executive Unit for IDPs in Al-Aber district, the UNFPA-funded HUMAN ACCESS’s Reproductive Health Services Support Project in Wadi Hadramout has undertaken a field visit to Al-Aber district with a view to conducting field assessments of the most important reproductive health needs in IDP camps and providing reproductive health services.

“The field mission aimed to visit 5 IDP camps, with United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) support, following a report by the Executive Unit in Al-Aber District, Hadramout Governorate, confirming the death of a pregnant mother in an IDP camp within the district,” said Dr. Mahmoud Ba Jobir, HUMAN ACCESS’s Coordinator for the Reproductive Health Services Project in a special statement.

Ba Jobir explained that the field visits come to assess the reproductive health needs of IDP camps, provide the necessary health care and strengthen their future role, and pay more attention to pregnant and lactating mothers, with a view to reducing the mortality rate. He pointed out that a qualified midwife provided reproductive health services including care to 15 pregnant and lactating women, family planning to 9 and postnatal services to 5 women.

Ba Jobir added that HUMAN ACCESS seeks to provide safe reproductive health services through a trained and qualified staff in Al-Aber IDP camps, through multiple visits to IDP camps, and provision of continued support.

For his part, the Representative of the Executive Unit for IDPs in Al-Aber district, Mr. Abdul Jabbar Mohamed Al-Dharassi, stressed that the IDP camps need urgent interventions from CSOs, in coordination with the Executive Unit, in addition to the role of the local authorities in the district.