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Orphans sponsorship Yemen

HUMAN ACCESS through the orphan sponsorship and welfare sector worked last January, in partnership with agencies sponsoring orphans, to provide many educational, health and social services, and implemented programs and activities that contributed to the welfare, rehabilitation and economic empowerment of orphans. This is done by providing economic empowerment projects, improving livelihoods, rehabilitation and training for orphans and their families, university scholarships, medical checkups, and granting orphans financial subsidies.

The projects implemented by HUMAN ACCESS represented a quantum leap in supporting orphans and their families and moving them from the circle of poverty to sufficiency and production. In this report, we highlight the most prominent projects implemented in this field.

Secured their future

Within the framework of the Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Improvement Project, the Orphan Sponsorship and Welfare Sector implemented 12 income-generating projects in four governorates to achieve self-sufficiency for orphans and their families. The income-generating projects provided to orphans were in the field of sewing and embroidery machines with their accessories, the manufacture of incense and perfumes, mobile maintenance, hairdressing and beautification.

Capacity activation

Within the framework of rehabilitation and training projects for orphans and their families, the sector implemented several scientific and professional courses and programs in various fields, with the aim of empowering orphans and their families with various professions, skills and abilities that would qualify them to join the labor market efficiently and competently. Around 60 male and female orphans have been trained and qualified for the labor market in the field of computers, the international license and the maintenance of mobile phones. Through these courses, orphans were able to gain professions through which they enter the labor market.

Medical checkups for orphans

Within the context of comprehensive care for its sponsored orphans, HUMAN ACCESS through the sponsorship and welfare sector for orphans conducted free medical checkups and consultations for about 50 male and female orphans to track their health conditions. The medical checkups conducted by specialized doctors included general blood tests, vision and hearing checkups, dental care, and the dispensing of free medicines.

Fields of knowledge

The sector also implemented educational care services and activities for sponsored orphans, with the aim of helping them and contributing to improving their educational level. It consisted in providing university scholarships to 72 male and female students in different university specialties, and distributing school bags and school uniforms to 50 orphans. The sector moreover worked to return hundreds of students who had dropped out of education to their schools by providing cash assistance, food baskets, and conducting the necessary visits and tracking.

Handing over (3356) orphans their financial aid

During the current month of January, the sector paid financial dues to its sponsored orphans throughout the governorates of the Republic, whose number is about (3356) male and female orphans. The aim of this aid is to meet the needs of orphans and their families, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions that Yemen is currently going through. These orphans also enjoy awareness, cultural, health, educational, rehabilitation and professional programs and activities that enable them to join the labor market and contribute to the advancement of the homeland and community service.


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