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Since the establishment of HUMAN ACCESS, one of its priorities has been to contribute to the improvement of the health situation in Yemen. Two years later, the health sector established and a health policy drawn up in line with the national health policies. Within a record period, the health sector was able to access to health services in many areas of the Republic of Yemen, especially the remote and disadvantaged areas with a focus given on the needy and the poorest groups in society.

Health services included primary health care, mother and childcare, vaccination of children against fatal diseases, and raising health awareness, in addition to controlling communicable diseases and treating common diseases, providing appropriate nutritional treatments and essential medicines, contributing to environmental sanitation and providing specialized medical services, such as mental health services, etc.


1. Contribute to alleviating the sufferance of poor patients, especially in the deprived areas.
2. Contribute to the promotion of community health and raise the level of health awareness among its members.
3. Contribute to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates.
4. Contribute to fight against infectious and endemic diseases and respond to disasters and epidemics.

Scope of work

1. Provision of fixed and mobile medical services.
2. Prevention and control of diseases and disabilities.
3. Motherhood and childhood care.
4. Health relief and disaster management.

Projects implemented

  • Sanitary facilities project to provide primary health services.
  • Mental health project.
  • Drug support project for the poor patient.
  • Cerebral fluid suction devices project.
  • Health caravans project.
  • Surgical camps project.
  • Mobile clinic project.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness program.

  • Malnutrition treatment program.
  • Tuberculosis Control Program.
  • Malaria Control Program.
  • Program for the control of neglected diseases, such as onchocerciasis, malaria and schistosomiasis).
  • Environmental sanitation program.
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning Project.
  • Awareness project for the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • Emergency Health Relief and Disaster Response Project.

Headquarters: Hadramout - Yemen | Tel +967 5 405780
Public Administration: Aden - Yemen | Tel +967 739955011
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