Human Access for Partnership and Development (HUMAN ACCESS) Association announces the following vacancy:

Position: Protection Monitors

Number required: one

Location: Marib - Al-Wadi District

Contract duration: 9 months

Application deadline: 12:00 pm on Wednesda y, February 15, 2023

Job Specialization:

Provide protection for the displaced from any assault or harassment

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Follow-up the actions and procedures necessary to provide protection for the displaced in the region on a daily basis, and submit daily reports on the cases of the displaced and any violations to the director of the center.
  • Follow-up cases of harassment or sexual assault among the displaced and submit reports directly to the center director.
  • Conduct interviews with the victims and their families, suggest the necessary assistance, and submit a report on the situation to the director of the center to adopt the recommendations. And then present those cases during the (at-risk groups meeting) to the partners.
  • Conduct the necessary assessment to see if there are any protection-related gaps in the project activities.
  • Carry out advocacy work, gain support, and provid the necessary support to build the capacities of the displaced and the community hosting them in the field of protection and the basics of human rights, as well as implement the necessary training courses for that.
  • Abide by the working hours specified by the project manager.
  • Comply with the financial and administrative principles of the association and ensure respect for the principles of non-discrimination among the displaced.
  • Respect the rules and ethics of work and adhere to the code of professional conduct of the association.
  • Submit a weekly report on the level of achievement in implementing the activities according to the plan to the Center Director or when he/she is requested to do so.
  • Keep all project records, files and reports electronically when instructions are issued.
  • Participate in coordination meetings for protection, whether in the center or in the office, when requested to do so.
  • Participate in any of the activities in the field of protection that may be organized by government agencies, UNHCR, or international organizations when requested to do so.
  • Conduct interviews with the families of the displaced in the center and carry out the necessary follow-up to protect them within the framework of the center as well as ensure that there are no violations of their rights.
  • Maintain daily work records and forms and archive them in accordance with the directives of the center management or project management.
  • Coordinate with partners to find referral mechanisms that would ensure the protection of the displaced.
  • Carry out any other tasks entrusted to him by the Director of the Center.

Job requirements

Qualifications and experience

1. Bachelor's degree in Sharia and Law / or in a related field.

2. Experience of not less than two years in the same field

Skills and abilities

  1. Skilled in the art of dealing with others.
  2. Skill in computer use, data entry and archiving.
  3. Ability to learn the job.
  4. Ability to work under pressure at work.
  5. Ability to complete tasks and give feedback in a timely manner.
  6. Ability to write the required daily and monthly reports.

Other requirements

- Advanced level of English



Those who do not meet the minimum required specifications and conditions will be excluded

How to apply for the job

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